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Board Members

Meet the Board of Directors

Officers of the Board:



Additional Members of the Board 


Melissa Kelly:

I serve as the Director of Data Science at MVP Healthcare in Schenectady NY, bringing over a decade of dedicated service since joining the company in 2007. My journey began as a supervisor in the Actuarial department.

Being passionate about the transformative power of data science and technology, I am driven by its capacity to unveil insights crucial for fostering healthier communities. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and an MBA from Clarkson University, I am currently advancing my knowledge with an ongoing pursuit of an MS degree in Applied Economics from Boston College.

My dedication extends beyond the professional and personal realms. Motivated by a spiritual mandate inspired by Jesus, I value the mission of CCJ to enhance the lives of those in our communities who need it most. My commitment to helping others aligns seamlessly with my spiritual beliefs, creating a holistic approach to making a positive impact.


Linda Ward, Ph. D.:

I am a NYS Licensed Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, retired from private practice. I also worked as a county probation officer in Illinois, as an inspector and investigator of county jails for the NYS Division of Correction, and as a psychologist at the Schenectady Free Health Clinic. I have been involved in a variety of volunteer activities in Schenectady County Jail, Carver Community Center, Mohawk Opportunities for Mental Health, the SICM Food Pantry, Better Neighborhoods, Schenectady Home Furnishings and the City Mission.

I am committed to continued involvement with the residents of Schenectady and to helping improve their lives over time.