We Need Your Support for CCJ's New Legal Hand Call-In Center

Delivering Free Access to Justice to Thousands of Capital Region Residents Each Year

The Legal Hand Call-In Center Serving Albany and Schenectady Counties offers free civil legal assistance. All too often, civil legal issues lead to families experiencing an avoidable crisis because they can't access help or information. Legal Hand volunteers provide information and referrals using a comprehensive database containing local and state laws and regulations, as well as contact information for agencies and organizations that will assist in a crisis. Our free service helps people overcome civil legal issues involving housing, employment, public benefits, and other difficulties. 

What Makes the Legal Hand Call-In Center's Free Service Stand Out?

Barrier Free - Too often people cannot access existing legal help due to income and other barriers.

No-Cost - Volunteers, supervised by our professional staff, use Legal Hand's huge database to deliver information and referrals at no cost, ever.

Community Need - In two years, the Legal Hand Call-In Center has helped thousands of people, far exceeding our goals. The majority of our visitors come from the ten lowest income zip codes in Albany and Schenectady Counties.

Court Response - One of our biggest referral sources are local courts. This speaks volumes about the quality of the help provided, and the dedication of our staff and volunteers.

Over 90% of the people we've surveyed think our service helped them resolve their problem, or get closer to a resolution.


The Center for Community Justice is committed to keeping Legal Hand free for everyone.

We need your support.

We have raised $1,205.00 of our $20,000.00  goal.
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For more information or to volunteer click on  Legal Hand or CASA