Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation is first and foremost about the child’s need for a safe, caring, child-positive setting in which to visit with their non-custodial parent. Children entering into the Supervised Visitation Program often have a broken relationship with their non-custodial parent, a parent they may not have seen in a month, a year or more. For many children these visits elicit worry and anxiety. The care we take to make the visits as home-like as possible, allows children to feel safe and secure so they can relax enough to renew, and sometimes to establish, the most important bond in their life. Volunteer visitation monitors ensure that children and their non-custodial parents enjoy safe visits with each other while awaiting the outcome of cases that are pending in Family Court and the Department of Social Services.

This Supervised Visitation Program relies on volunteers. To help these children we need the help of people like you. Become a Volunteer Visitation Monitor for the children. Watch them smile as they begin to rebuild the bond with their non-custodial parent.  Make a difference today!

For more information on how to volunteer please click here.